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it was good

the thing that annoys me is everyone in reviews gives crappy one line responses, like "its like diablo 2" etc etc. it they would actually read the previous reviews they would understand that every second person has said that

a review must be helpful to both the author ans the player. by saying something like OMG this is amazing blah blah blah doesn't help the author, he probably wants to hear the bad things about it so he/she can work on enhancing the game or some ideas for a future one.

so now i have got that off my chest, i have finished the whole game, it was fun but i cant find these "shadow wolfs".

by the way the RING is a secret item which gives you an extra skill point, to activate it prass SPACE when you are facing the moon in the section with THREE statues (one being an angel holding a sword).

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good stuff

hey, after hearing this i HAD to learn it and it looks like you missed out on a note on each bar, itsa a small detail but it really mkes the song sound full, oh and it was a bit soft... but apart from that, great work man, you inspired me to get into more floyd stuff, keep it up.
heres a pretty good link to tabs:
oh yeah... and i suggest getting this editing program: cool edit pro... if you need to get it... *cough* free, contact me via email.

Tancrisism responds:

thanks man. Something you have to remember - This was done about 7 months ago...

really good

hey man, i thought i would leave you a comment for all your help with my other songs... this is a really great song... the vocalist is rather good and your transitions between different beats is quite seemless, over all its a great song man, with some great guitar and piano... and you have made the song extremly original for a cover... if you know what i mean... anyway, mad song... keep it up

Chungadaddy responds:

Thx! No need for leaving a comment but thx a lot=)! Men... good luck with the copyrighte. I hope you'll make it! Like I said I enjoyed a lot and I'm honered for you even considering in showing me your songs if you'll make it. I'll be waiting. Until then, good luck!

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